Special and Custom Radius Shapes, Miter Angles and Muntin Bars Patterns

Mon-Ray, Inc. has the experience, skill, tooling and equipment to custom manufacture its DeVAC aluminum windows, Mon-Ray storm windows and Mon-Ray storm doors to match just about any radius shape, miter angle or muntin bar pattern imaginable. For over fifty years Mon-Ray, Inc. has manufactured its DeVAC aluminum windows, Mon-Ray storm windows and Mon-Ray storm doors in custom shapes and designs for restoration and preservation projects on historical state and federal buildings, private and public schools, college and university buildings, hotels, and residential homes throughout the United States.

Manufacturing windows and doors with custom radius shapes, special miter angles and muntin bar patterns requires precise measurements. Full size template patterns are usually necessary for matching the radius design of an existing window or door opening. Some of the more common radius shapes include: round tops (also referred to as “circle tops” and “half rounds”), arch tops, gothic tops, complete circles, ovals, quarter rounds, and double radius corners. Mon-Ray, Inc. can also “bow” many of its panel windows and screen inserts. Special miter angled corner shapes include triangle, trapezoid, hexagon and octagon shaped panels, as well as operating double hung windows with special miter head designs. Mon-Ray, Inc. has a variety of “true-divided” and adhesively applied muntin bars it can use in both its DeVAC aluminum windows and Mon-Ray storm windows to replicate just about any grid pattern, as well as many radius shapes. Mon-Ray storm doors are also available with a variety of exterior mounted grid pattern designs.

Examples of some of our Custom and Special Shapes

Half-Round Radius


Radius Corners


Arch-Top Radius


Gothic-Top Radius


Mitered Angle Corners

Muntin Bars

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