Mon-Ray, Inc. focuses its efforts in providing value-added products and services to the four sectors of the commercial and residential markets listed below.



Energy Conservation
Windows have traditionally been a weak energy link in commercial and residential construction. For example, independent studies have shown windows can account for as much as 40% of a building’s heat loss during the colder months of the year, and potentially an even higher percentage of heat gain during the warmer months.

There are three primary factors to consider regarding how effectively a window will conserve energy. These are; Air Leakage, Transmission, and Radiation. How effective a window is in reducing both the amount of air infiltration and air exfiltration is primarily determined by the window’s design, construction and installation. The type of glazing material (which is generally some type of glass) plays a major role in determining the amount of heat a window transmits or radiates.

All operating windows will have some air leakage. Our window and door products are designed and constructed with unique features to specifically reduce air leakage to an amount that is significantly less than the industry standards. We are also able to glaze our window and door products with a wide variety of different types and thickness of glass and other glazing materials to minimize the amount of energy loss by conduction and radiation.


Environmental Protection
Windows should provide protection from rain, wind, dust, noise, insects and other damaging and unwanted environmental problems. As with energy conservation, how effective a window is in providing protection from the outside elements and conditions primarily depends on the window’s design, construction and installation.

Mon-Ray, Inc. has been a pioneer in designing and manufacturing high performance window and door products. Our standards for acoustical, water and structural performances have always exceeded industry standards. For example, our DeVAC aluminum windows far exceed the industry’s standards in all these performance criteria for commercial windows. Our Mon-Ray storm windows and Mon-Ray storm doors surpass the industry’s standards for light commercial and residential storm windows and doors.

Both the DeVAC 400 Series and DeVAC 600 Series aluminum windows have received Florida Product Approval and meet or exceed structural wind loads of up to 190 mph that can be produced by severe and damaging hurricanes. Independent laboratory have the confirmed and verified no water penetration at wind pressures up to of 12 PSF.

When closed, Glasswalls porch enclosures protect furniture, drapes and flooring from damaging rain, snow, wind, dirt and dust. When open for ventilation, the full-length fiberglass screens effectively keep out mosquitoes, flies, and other annoying insects and pests.


Historic Restoration
Mon-Ray, inc. specializes in the preservation and restoration of historic windows and doors. Using our experience, skill and special production equipment, we can match Special and Custom Radius Shapes, Miter Angles and Muntin Bar Patterns to retain the original appearance of existing window or door openings.

The preservation and restoration of historic buildings is vital to our national heritage. Over the last half-century our DeVAC and Mon-Ray windows have been installed in historic buildings throughout the United States. Some of these include; The Old North Church in Boston that signaled the start of the midnight ride of Paul Revere, some of original buildings at the Harper Ferry Armory where John Browne’s Raid helped fuel the start of the Civil War, the Rock Island Arsenal in Illinois where the Union relocated its armory after the start of the Civil War, and buildings in Northfield, MN where Jesse James and his gang met their demise.

We have furnished windows of about every shape one can imagine. If an existing historic window is beyond repair, DeVAC replacement windows can be made to match the original shape and size of the window opening. When replacement is not an option or necessity, Mon-Ray storm windows can be installed as either exterior or interior secondary glazing.

We work closely with architects, engineers, consultants and other professionals who specialize in historic restoration and preservation projects. Whether the project involves hundreds of windows with special radius designs in an historic commercial building or a few custom shaped windows in a residential home, Mon-Ray, Inc. has the experience and expertise to preserve and maintain our historic past for future generations.


Sound Abatement (Acoustical Performance)
The world is becoming more urbanized and advancements in technologies are growing at an ever-increasing pace. These changes have increased the level of sound in our daily lives, resulting in an Environmental Noise Problem. Unacceptable levels of noise are not only annoying and disruptive, excess levels can result in physical and psychological problems.

The cost to move airports, railroads and highways (the principle sources) or to relocate the residential homes, schools, hotels and hospitals that lie in the path of the noise would be astronomical. Therefore, the most practical and affordable solution to the noise problem is to abate, or reduce, the level of sound by placing barriers in the path between the source and the receiver. While all windows and doors abate some sound, they are generally far less effective than a building’s walls and roof. Therefore, improving the acoustical performance of window and door openings is one of the most effective and affordable means in reducing annoying and harmful outside noise from entering residential and commercial buildings.

The Sound Transmission Class (STC) is the most common measurement used to determine the acoustical performance of windows, doors and other construction materials. The higher the STC, the better the acoustical performance. The design, materials, construction and installation of a window will determine its STC rating. Architects, engineers and consultants involved with acoustical projects often set a minimum STC requirement of 40 for the windows and doors they are specifying. This can represent a dramatic improvement, as much as 100% or more, when compared to typical vinyl, wood and metal residential windows.

Acoustical tests by independent testing laboratories have proven when a DeVAC 400 Series, Mon-Ray 500 Series or Mon-Ray 600 Series window is installed in “tandem” to the exterior or interior of an existing window the acoustical performance of the total window opening will improve to a STC of 40 or more. The same improvement can be achieved by installing a Mon-Ray 800 Series storm door to the exterior of an outside entry door. The DeVAC 600 Series aluminum replacement windows can achieve STC ratings greater than 50. Because of their superior and proven acoustical performance, DeVAC windows and Mon-Ray storm windows and storm doors are specified and used in sound insulation projects near airports, railroads and highways throughout the United States.

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