It is our business philosophy and belief that the primary purpose of our Company’s existence is to provide our customers with the best value of product quality and service at the lowest possible costs. And, that for such services rendered we expect to earn a fair return on our efforts and investment. The measure of return will be proportionately equal to the quality and the degree of our performance.

  • By “best value of product and service quality”, we mean that standard of quality and performance which is necessary to satisfy not only the customer’s requirement and expectations, but more so to meet our own established product and service standards.

  • By “our own established product and service standards” we mean the product and service performance standards required and designed to satisfy the existing need in a measure no greater or lesser than what is deemed necessary based on years of our experience and value engineering.
  • By “lowest possible cost”, we mean total net costs projected over the expected long-term product life, including not only initial costs but also costs and savings related to operation, maintenance, and product performance efficiencies.

It is also our belief and resolve that to successfully market our products and service long-term benefits, we must in a just ethical manner expend special efforts in presenting factually the less obvious necessary values and benefits of our quality product program.

  • By “presently factually” we mean to present and publish comparative factual performance data of our product and those of our industry in a fair and ethical manner, thereby establishing a simply and accurate method of product evaluation for our customers.

Guided by our business philosophy and belief, in a larger scope, we also dedicate our efforts to upgrade industry standards of product performance and services, based on a belief that such efforts on our part will not only satisfy our own objectives, but will also be beneficial to our industry and ultimately to the user of our industry’s products.

  • By “effort to upgrade”, we mean that we will participate actively in associations, and without, in promoting product and performance standards, providing leadership and guidelines for easy evaluation as to the need of better and improved product performance.

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