The stakeholders in our company include our Customers, Employees, Vendors and Shareholders. The involvement and support of each are critical ingredients for the company to attain its objectives and goals. Likewise, each benefits and shares in the company’s success.


Our Customers are divided into two types. The first, which we refer to as the “users” of our products, are the owners of the commercial buildings and residential homes onto which our window and doors products are installed. They primarily base their decision to invest in our products because they see the “long-term” value of our products. Their investment is returned year after year through energy and maintenance savings, comfort, safety and other benefits. They understand the true cost of a product is not the initial cost one pays, but rather the “life-cycle" cost one pays over the longer period of time. It is not surprising that a large percentage of our new customers are referrals from our past customers.

Our second type of Customer is our Authorized Dealers and the independent contractors and builders who sell, install and service our products. They are independent business owners who understand the long-term benefits and rewards our products provide. Many of our Authorized Dealers have been actively involved selling and installing our products for decades. In some cases, their businesses are now operated by the second and even third generations of the original owners.

Our employees are dedicated to providing our customers with high performance products and satisfactory services. Whether their employment with our business spans several decades, several years or several months, they understand and take pride in the importance of their duties and responsibilities. Like our customers, many of our employees are the second and third generations of our past and current employees.

All our employees, whether they are involved with administration, sales, engineering, manufacturing or field services, are part of a team effort. They are trained, experienced and knowledgeable of our safety policies, quality control, order processing, production scheduling, and customer service procedures.

Mon-Ray, Inc. is fortunate to be associated so many quality vendors. As is the case with our customers and employees, many of our vendors have been providing us with their materials and services for decades. The quality standards of the materials and services our vendors supply are critical for us to maintain the high performance standards of our products and our value-added services.

Our material vendors include our aluminum extruders, anodizing and paint finishers, glass manufacturers, and hardware suppliers. Most of our material vendors are conveniently located within 200 miles of our manufacturing facility. In addition to our material suppliers, we are also fortunate to be associated with many other businesses, consultants and professionals who support and assist us with such sevices as; independent laboratory testing, engineering, safety and quality control inspections, and legal services. We are extremely grateful for the assistance and cooperation of our vendors.

Mon-Ray, Inc. is a privately held corporation owned by a small group of shareholders. The group includes both company employees and outside investors. Our shareholders, like our customers, employees and vendors, believe in the long-term value of our products and services.

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